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Webquests: Early Settlers


So you finished your Pioneer Booklet, did you?




1. Give yourself a big pat on the back.  You're working hard and you deserve to have a little more freedom to explore!


2. Click on one of the sites below.  You'll find pages with lots to read and do.  This stuff won't be tested on, but it will help you learn more about early pioneers, give you a better understanding of how they lived, and it will give you a chance to flex your computer muscles.


Try an on-line crossword puzzle about Pioneer Jobs: 

Virtual tour of the Muskoka Pioneer Village
Click on the buildings and learn what they were used for.

Great Upper Canada Adventure
An on-line game that you make the choices of an Upper Canada settler in the 1800's.

Native Watercraft in Canada
Read about the construction of the following watercrafts.